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View of Royce Hall in winter, 1932


Dear Alumnus: In 1969, the first man walked on the moon. In an instant, centuries of dream and speculation became reality, and the world watched itself step into the future. In 1969, UCLA has been celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, pointing with pride to a history of tremendous growth and progress. As we step into the future, however, we begin to wonder...will the second fifty years live up to the promise of the first fifty? With the rising costs of education, such progress will be possible only if UCLA enlists broader private support. State funds have increased steadily over the past decade, but proportionate to the total budget, they have decreased about 25%. Your contribution can provide vital unrestricted funds-money to be used where the need is greatest. Every gift, large or small, helps UCLA to achieve its goal of quality in education. The new concept of the Annual Fund was created with the future in mind; it assists in assuring that UCLA will continue to be among the best, not just adequate. Now is the time to give, because an end-of-the-year contribution may prove to be a tax advantage to you. May I also remind you that a gift of $100 or more qualifies you as a member of the Chancellor's Honor Roll as well as a donor to Annual Fund I. On behalf of myself and UCLA, let me extend to you my warmest wishes for the holiday season. Walter Cunningham, National Chairman UCLA Annual Fund I (July 1, 1969-June 30, 1970) P.S. If you have already given to Annual Fund I or the Chancellor's Honor Roll, please accept my additional thanks.(inscribed)

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View of Royce Hall in winter, 1932
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